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Die Dirt Die Commercial and Residential Cleaning

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Janice Peele, mother of two, perfected her skill as a stay at home mother for five years while learning what worked and what didn't work around the home front. As her children grew, so did the bills and other responsibilities of life. At age 23, she started working for a cleaning company. She thoroughly enjoyed the difference, she saw herself making, when completing a house. She decided she would venture out on her own cleaning, putting everything she had into her dreams and prayers of being successful, and make her clients the happiest she could with her gifts of cleaning.


Many have giggled at the name of the company and it's a cute story of how it came about. One day Janice was vacuuming. Her son Tyler, age 7, was watching her and asked if he could give it a try. She allowed him to independently explore the vacuum, on his own, after giving him a quick rundown on what parts did what. He took favor to the hose. After watching him for a minute, she walked to the kitchen to attain another project and heard faint mumbles coming from her son. She couldn't make out exactly what he was saying so she decided to get a little closer. After a moments time she no longer had to wonder what he was mumbling. He began saying, with a passion, "DIE DIRT DIE! DIE...DIRT DIE!" She turned off the vacuum and they both laughed at his impressive strives of conquering the dying dirt in front of him.


It's always a good idea to have fun at work and enjoy what you do. She still says, "When days seem frustrating, I think back to the day I heard his determined little voice echoing through the house screaming, DIE DIRT DIE, and it makes the moment of struggle a lot lighter. 



“You did a fabulous job-I don't know what ya'll used but the toilets look great! I tried everything I could think of and was about to try Coke drink when I saw it listed on-line. Thank you!
 Matt and Pam- Zebulon
" Thanks again for the discount. Ya'll did a great job!
Val -Lake Royale
“My oldest son has always suffered from allergies until Die Dirt Die came along. I absolutely love the product they use. I have had several cleaning companies but this one is to stay"

Landon and Anna- Wake Fores

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